UX/UI Designer, Munich | Recent projects 

A creative UX/UI designer with a passion for technology and diverse design challenges, working to create digital products in an Agile way.
About me

Hello, I am Lena!

I adore building aesthetic products with my drive for improvement and optimization of all things and processes around.

As a designer, I am working with the cross-functional team on a product using strictly a user-centered approach and picking the tools/methods based on user needs through all phases of the customer journey. I follow existing best practices to create storyboards, personas, user flow scenarios, interactive mockups, design prototypes.

I have decided to change my career from marketing to UX/UI field. I really would like to develop and grow up as an Interaction Designer.

I'm addicted to traveling, swimming, and hiking. Music, amazing places, and museums inspire me.

I can not speak German, but I am more than willing to learn.
(Hallo! Ich bin Lena. Wie geht's?)
Landing page Relaunch for B2B-Center


International hackathons against the impact of Covid-19: "Hack the Crisis" AustrianStartups,
"Hack from Home" Ethical Tech Alliance, HAT-LAB (UK), HR Hackathon on DevPost (DE)
on DevPost (DE)
Ethical Tech Alliance, HAT-LAB (UK)
  • HR Hackathon (DE)
  • Нackathon "Hack from Home" (UK)
  • Нackathon "Hack the Crisis" (AT)

Adobe XD
Marvel App
If you have any questions or suggestions, just get in touch with me!
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